Friday, 24 March 2017


   “Hail full of grace, hail Mary”
An angel Mary greets
And through the angel, Mary
The angel’s sender meets.

The Son of God is coming
Into the world of men
The world that is divided
That is a robbers’ den.

He looked down from the heavens
To find a worthy one
And You were found most favored
Of all under the sun.

Without having a partner
You’re going to bear a Son
All others are infected
You are the sinless one.

None of us chose our mothers
Nor yet our mother-tongue
So Christ gave us His Mother
When on the Cross He hung.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

March 23, JEALOUSY BLINDS (Cf. Luke 11, 14 ff)

A man had been delivered
From a demon dumb;
The by-standers concluded
That God’s kingdom had come.

But leaders who were jealous
Were bold enough to say
 ‘It is by Satan’s power
He drives devils away’.

How sad those leaders’ blindness
That leads people astray;
The jealousy that blinds them
Is still alive today.

Rejoice, then dearest readers
At good by others done;
Praise God for all the laurels
That other men have won.

Let jealousy not blind you
And drive you to destroy    
The lives that others build up
Nor take away their joy.

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

March 22, FROM LAW TO LOVE (Cf. Matthew 5, 12 ff)

Christ came not to abolish
He came to build anew,
The Old Law had kept newness
All along in view.

Step by step evolution         
Rises and reaches man;
Step by step human perfection
Is guided by God’s plan.

Think of your evolution
Just notice how you grow,
To set right what has gone wrong,
Don’t be an hour too slow.  
To grow, be law-abiding
The goal of law is love.
Love for self and for neighbour,
And for our God above.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

March 21, FORGIVENESS (Cf. Matthew 18, 21 ff.)

After wounding a cobra,
Make no apology
Nothing does it understand
Of your psychology.

It has no choice but  pay you
With venom for your deed
But Christians have no venom;
And to pay back, no need.

So root out all resentment
And enmities forget;
Pardoning all who hurt you
Before the day’s sunset.

Let thoughts of love refresh you
Before every sunrise
And God’s Mercy will make
Healthy, happy and wise.

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

March 20, ST. JOSEPH

So simple, humble, patient,
Hidden from public view
So constant in his duties
With friends and pastimes few.

With justice, he treats Mary,
When Her with child he sees,
Withholding deep frustration
Till he knows what God decrees.

The humanizing effects
In him are clearly seen
Of God in human nature
A marvel yet unseen.

So little, is he thought of?
Spoken of, even less.
His lowliness admire
May he your efforts bless

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

March 19, THE BURNING BUSH (Cf. Exodus 3)

It was a wondrous vision
The bush was all on fire!
Why it was not consumed
Moses would now enquire.

As he approached the bush,
A Voice came from the fire
‘Moses you have been chosen,
Your service, I desire

I’m sending you to Pharaoh,
My people you must free
From slavery in Egypt
From   age-old  tyranny.”

“They’ll  ask me : ‘Who has sent you ?’
Then what am I to say?
My people will not listen;
And will Pharaoh obey?”

 “They’ll want to know My Name?
Fullness of Being   I AM    
Tell them that He Who sent you
Is God of Abraham?”

Moses fulfilled his mission,
Today the world can see
With many signs and wonders,
Those people were set free.    

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Friday, 17 March 2017

March, 18 HEALING OFFERED (Luke 15, 1-3, 11 ff.)

The parable of the prodigal was intended
For the enlightenment of the Pharisees

There are two types of humans
That most often appear
In parables and stories
Which to Christians are dear?

The Pharisees high-handed
In their own eyes, the first;
The sinners and the sensual,
                            In their own eyes, the worst.                          

From youth by sensual pleasure
Have sinners been misled
By those who are self-righteous,       
They are as good as dead.

But God’s most Holy Spirit
Is searching for the lost,
And leads them to their Savior
Who for them pays the cost.

Amazing grace is offered,
To those whom vice enslaves,
And   also the self-righteous  

Are rescued from their graves.

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